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Beginning Spanish

Stage 1 Fluency

Lesson 9

    Learn to:
  • use new study skills for learning Spanish
  • understand new Spanish words
  • say words using Spanish pronunciation
  • spell words out loud using the Spanish alphabet
  • write new Spanish words
  • read new Spanish words
    You will need:
  • time
  • willingness to change
  • positive attitude & patience
  • materials for creating flashcards
  • materials for writing practice (Dry erase board & markers, pen & paper...)
  1. Keep listening! Listen to one to two Spanish resources for at least ten to fifteen minutes every day. Online resources at Spanish Exposure.

  2. Review the flashcards from previous lessons daily. Make sure you can say the Spanish words and letter names.

  3. Watch Top 5 Letters of the Spanish Alphabet. Improve your Spanish accent by paying special attention to the way you pronounce these letters. Make flashcards from the Spanish words in the video and master them using the study techniques from previous lessons.

  4. Watch Easy ABC. Use your the Spanish alphabet and pronunciation to practice Spanish anytime anywhere.

  5. Make flashcards for each word in the video activities in this lesson. Create the flashcards and learn the words using the same techniques that you have used in previous lessons to learn Sight Words.

  6. Use the techniques from the videos in this lesson daily, using Spanish to practice pronouncing and spelling words.

  7. Review your Spanish flashcards daily. Integrate these basic words and phrases into your daily life.



    You have completed Stage 1 Fluency in Spanish!

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