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Beginning Spanish

Stage 1 Fluency

Lesson 5

    Learn to:
  • study smarter
  • understand new Spanish words
  • say words using Spanish pronunciation
  • spell words out loud using the Spanish alphabet
  • write new Spanish words
  • read new Spanish words
    You will need:
  • time
  • willingness to change
  • positive attitude & patience
  • materials for creating flashcards
  • materials for writing practice (Dry erase board & markers, pen & paper...)
  1. Be patient and keep listening! Listen to Spanish for at least ten to fifteen minutes daily. Use only one or two resources. In time you will be able to understand words and phrases. Online resources at Spanish Exposure.

  2. Reivew the flashcards from previous lessons daily. Make sure you can say the Spanish words and letter names.

  3. Watch the videos Learn Spanish with Flashcards and Flashcard Examples to learn how to study efficiently and effectively with flashcards. You will create flashcards to learn MASSIVE amounts of Spanish words. Using flaschards properly is integral to your Spanish vocabulary growth. Watch these videos even if you think you already know how to study with flashcards.

  4. In this activity, your will learn new Spanish words and become more advanced in your pronunciation of Spanish letters. Now that you have developed a mental image of some Spanish sounds, and you have also developed the ability to produce some Spanish sounds, you are ready to start learning more vocabulary. In order to learn new Spanish words, you need be able to read and sound out words in Spanish. It is important that you learn to pronounce new Spanish words properly.
    Watch The Spanish Alphabet. Practice repeating the Spanish words until you sound like the instructor.

  5. After you master pronouncing the Spanish words, write the words on the ABC flashcards that you created in a previous lesson. Write the Spanish word on the same side of the card as the Spanish letter. Pay attention to spelling and accent marks. As you write the Spanish words, say the Spanish ABC letter, say the word, and spell the word out loud using the Spanish alphabet. Write the English translation on the back of the flashcard. To look up translations, use Google Translate for English-Spanish and Spanish-English translations, plus there is an icon for listening to pronunciation of the Spanish words.

  6. Use the flashcard study methods from the videos above to master the Spanish words on the ABC flashcards. First learn the words Spanish to English. Read the Spanish side of the card, say the Spanish letter, say the Spanish word, and then say the English word. Then look at the English word side of the card to check your translation.

  7. Next learn the words English to Spanish. Look at the English word and write and say the Spanish word. (For a lot of people, dry erase boards work really well for practice writing in Spanish with flashcards.) After you write and say the Spanish word, look at the Spanish word side of the flashcard to check your translation.

  8. Review the Spanish ABC and Sight Word flashcards daily.

    You have completed another Spanish lesson and you are another step closer to becoming fluent in Spanish!

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