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Beginning Spanish

Stage 1 Fluency

Lesson 4

    Learn to:
  • understand Spanish words and phrases
  • say Spanish words and phrases
  • translate from Spanish to English
  • translate from English to Spanish
  • read Spanish words and phrases
    You will need:
  • time
  • willingness to change
  • positive attitude & patience
  • materials for writing practice (Dry erase board & markers, pen & paper...)
  1. Listen to Spanish for at least ten to fifteen minutes daily (the more the better). Use only one or two resources. Eventually you will be able to understand some words and phrases. Online resources at Spanish Exposure. Be patient and keep listening!

  2. Review the flashcards from previous lessons daily. Make sure you can say the Spanish words and letter names.

  3. In this first activity, you will practice understanding Spanish (not speaking Spanish). (You will practice speaking Spanish in the next lesson activity.) Watch Hola, Mamá Spanish to English. While you are watching, you will hear and see a Spanish sentence. Before the English sentence appears on the screen, say the English translation immediately after you hear and see each Spanish sentence. After you say the English translation, watch the English sentence appear to check your translation. Do this activity until you can say all of the translations correctly without having to look at the English words.

  4. Now practice speaking Spanish. Watch Hola, Mamá.
    Listen and repeat the Spanish sentences until you sound like the narrator.

  5. Because you currently think in your native language (English), when you speak Spanish you translate English thoughts into Spanish words. This is an important step on you way to fluency in Spanish. Later you will think in Spanish. But for now, you need to practice translating from English to Spanish, and also you need to practice writing in Spanish.
    Watch Hola, Mamá English to Spanish.
    When you see the English sentences, write and say the Spanish sentences. Pause the video if you need to while you write each Spanish sentence. Say the Spanish sentence as you write it. You may want to use a dry erase board to write the Spanish sentences.

  6. Review the Spanish ABC and Sight Word flashcards daily.

    You have completed another Spanish lesson and you are another step closer to becoming fluent in Spanish!

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