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Beginning Spanish

Stage 1 Fluency

Lesson 2

    Learn to:
  • understand new Spanish words
  • say words using Spanish pronunciation
  • spell words out loud using the Spanish alphabet
  • write new Spanish words
  • read new Spanish words
    You will need:
  • time
  • willingness to change
  • positive attitude & patience
  • materials for creating flashcards
  1. Continue listening to Spanish for a minimum of ten minutes daily (the more the better). Use only one or two resources so that you become accustomed to the voices of just a few people (like the same TV show or same radio station, hearing the same ads and songs over and over again). Repetition is really important. Babies learn their first language by hearing the same words over and over again from a small group of people. You will eventually get used to hearing the same voices and sounds. Online resources at Spanish Exposure. Just be patient and keep listening!

  2. Review the flashcards from the previous lesson. Make sure you can remember how to say all of the Spanish words.

  3. The first step in learning to read in Spanish is to learn the letter names of the Spanish alphabet. After you learn the Spanish ABCs, it will be easy for you to sound out Spanish words because Spanish is a phonetic language. Reading out loud will eventually become an important tool for you to use in developing fluency.
    Play the video Spanish Alphabet Practice and with your eyes closed LISTEN to the letters of the Spanish alphabet.

  4. Play the video Spanish Alphabet Practice again. With your eyes closed LISTEN and REPEAT the Spanish letters.

  5. Next, watch Spanish Alphabet Practice. LISTEN and REPEAT the Spanish ABCs until you sound like the instructor.

  6. After you can say the Spanish letters sounding like the instructor, make Spanish ABC flashcards. Write the Spanish letter on one side of the card and leave the back of each flashcard blank. (In a future lesson, you will write a Spanish word on the front of the card and an English word on the back. Leave room on the same side as the Spanish letter for a Spanish word, and leave the back blank.) Practice looking at the Spanish letter and saying the Spanish letter name. Mix up the flashcards and practice until you can automatically say the Spanish letter names in any order.

  7. Now that you know the letters of the Spanish alphabet, you can write Spanish words on the Lesson 1 flashcards. Watch Sight Words List 1 and read the Spanish words at the end of the video. As you write each Spanish word on the back of the corresponding English flashcard, spell the Spanish word out loud, saying the Spanish letters, and say the Spanish word.

  8. Practice looking at the Spanish word on each flashcard and saying the Spanish word out loud, mixing up the cards until you can read and say the Spanish words in any order.

  9. Review the Spanish alphabet flashcards and Sight Words flashcards daily.

    You have completed another Spanish lesson and you are one step closer to becoming fluent in Spanish!

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