Learn Spanish courses are designed to lead students through the process of achieving verbal fluency in Spanish. When you successfully complete one of our courses, you will be fluent in Spanish at that course level.

What sets us apart from other Spanish courses?

     Verbal fluency and verbal comprehension are the heart and soul of our curriculum. Our lessons are expertly structured to progress you through the stages of verbal language development so that you will learn to speak and understand the Spanish language. Our goal is to provide the tools and resources necessary for you to learn to communicate fluently in Spanish.

Every student who completes an APlusSpanish course will become fluent in Spanish at that course level.

Learn Spanish

Watch The Best Way to Begin to find out about the stages of language learning.

Beginning Spanish

Stage 1 Fluency

Stage 1 is the foundation for becoming fluent in Spanish. It's the MOST IMPORTANT stage in language development. Before you begin speaking Spanish, you need exposure, actively listening to Spanish, until you reach the point at which can understand what someone is saying. Stage 1 is all about LISTENING and UNDERSTANDING. This is how newborn babies begin to learn their first language. You will concentrate on verbal comprehension until you have an image in your mind of how Spanish is supposed to sound. After you have developed these "sound images" in your mind, you will be ready to begin reproducing those Spanish sounds. It is critical that you first learn to recognize the sounds of Spanish and that you possess a mental memory of what Spanish is supposed to sound like.

Stage 1 Fluency Skills

  • Understand 1 to 3 people speaking in Spanish
  • Understand 25-50 Spanish words
  • Hear a letter of the Spanish alphabet and write the corresponding Spanish letter
  • Listen to a word in Spanish and write or say that word in English
  • Say the letters of the Spanish alphabet to spell any word
  • Begin to imitate the sounds of Spanish words and phrases

More great lessons will be posted ASAP!

Stage 2 coming soon!!!